The team

newskool came into existence through Guillaume, Luke and the Universe

One beautiful autumn day, the Universe created a series of events that caused Guillaume to meet Luke at a Verbal Aikido session…  A few years later, their complementary strengths and common values ​​gave birth to newskool, a Sustainable Relationship Development training company.

Guillaume Boucetti

Talents: constructive communication, purchasing facilitation, commercial and administrative organization, development of entrepreneurial systems, training

Experience(s): 5 years + in sales, marketing and a Bachelors in negotiation, 10 months in Asia

Strengths: Listening, Dynamism, Curiosity, Determination, Human Relations, Creativity

Weaknesses: allergic to dictation exercises

Also…: Travelling to create connections, roller hockey, green fingers, personal development…

Luke Archer

Talents: educational development, training, facilitation & instruction, conflict management, writing.

Experience(s): 20 years + in education, 10 years + in development and pedagogical engineering, teacher training, creator of Verbal Aikido™

Strengths: creativity, centred listening, human relations, networks

Weaknesses: distractions, chocolate

Also…: Quality Director for Verbal Aikido Lyon, composer, TedX La Rochelle 2011, Irish…