Verbal Aikido®

From conflict to conversation

Verbal Aikido™ is a peaceful and effective way to deal with verbal attacks and negativity.

This art is inspired by the practice and philosophy of Japanese martial Aikido. The attacker and the defender are “partners” and not “adversaries”. There is therefore neither winner nor loser.

The way of Ai-ki (harmonizing energy), allows us to direct a verbal aggression towards a positive and harmonious result.

Verbal Aikido™ practice consists of three basic steps or postures:

  • Getting centered, returning to an aligned position with oneself.
    “Inner Smile”
  • Positioning oneself to understand and accompany the other.
  • Proposing a common direction, rebalancing or harmonizing the energy of the relationship.

Through methods, exercises and repetition, the practitioner develops a sense of self-discipline and practices “thoughtful and measured” intention in an assertive style of communication.

Develop your ability to manage verbal attacks and negativity in a simple and effective way.

Verbal Aikido™ since 2009
by Luke ARCHER

Go from conflict to conversation!
With your team, your entourage and yourself.


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